The Digital Humanities Climate Coalition

The Digital Humanities Climate Coalition Toolkit #

This toolkit is a guide to making your research practices more environmentally responsible. It is geared towards digital practices, but also touches on general areas such as travel and advocacy. We hope it will be relevant to researchers, educators, students, administrators, librarians, technicians, and others. The toolkit aims to highlight actionable solutions, while also critically reflecting on their nuances, in the broader context of climate justice. It is a community-developed work-in-progress, and you are warmly invited to contribute.

Where to start? #

If you have a specific question, check if it listed in the I Want To … section. Or browse the toolkit in any order. If you’d like a suggested pathway, try this:

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Join the mailing list #

If you’d like to be kept in the loop about DHCC activities, ask to be added to the email list. We plan to have some regular informal conversations in 2023 to explore further developing the toolkit and other next steps.

Curated by (in alphabetical order) Anne Baillot, James Baker, Jenny Bunn, Alex Cline, Michael Faerber, Charlotte Feidicker, Josephine Lethbridge, Matthew McConkey, John Moore, Christopher Ohge, Torsten Roeder, Martin Steer, Jo Lindsay Walton, Elizabeth Williamson #

Launch Event #

Join us for the launch of the new DHCC toolkit, designed to empower humanists to work towards climate responsible research practices.

Over the last year, we have been developing a series of outputs, including a Toolkit that supports researchers who are trying to lower their carbon footprint. This workshop will launch the DHCC Toolkit, and provide an opportunity to take stock of actions over the last year and consider priorities and potential activities going forward. Digital Humanists from across the UK, Ireland and Europe are warmly invited to participate.

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A Researcher Guide to Writing a Climate Justice Oriented Data Management Plan #

Our Information, Measurement and Practice Group has published this guide which aims to help researchers think through the climate-related implications of decisions about data management and project planning. It includes an annotated DMP.

DHCC Information, Measurement and Practice Action Group. (2022). A Researcher Guide to Writing a Climate Justice Oriented Data Management Plan (v0.6). Zenodo. button


See also Grant Writing.

Digital Humanities and the Climate Crisis: A Manifesto

The digital is material. As digital humanists, every project we create, every software application we use, every piece of hardware we purchase impacts our environment. […] As humanities researchers, it is also our role to probe the values, the power structures, and the future imaginaries that underpin sustainable solutions.

DH Benelux 2022 Workshop (Luxembourg) #

The DHCC hosted an afternoon workshop on 31 May 2022 for the DH Benelux conference.

(a) decarbonising our research and teaching,
(b) working at the intersection of humanities and digital technology to understand the role of data science in climate transition and climate justice,
(c) transforming DH (and knowledge institutions) within broader transformations of society.

For more information, see the workshop page.